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 Terms & Conditions

1) Purchasing a ticket to board The Q Party Shuttle is proof that you have read, understand and will abide by these conditions.

2) You must be 21 to ride. You will be denied access if you fail to provide verifiable proof of your age.

3) You will be denied entry if you appear to be intoxicated and no refund will be issued.

4) The Shuttle requires a minimum number of purchased tickets to operate and may be cancelled if that number is not met. A full refund will be issued in these cases.

5) For the safety of other riders and the driver we reserve the right to deny entry to anyone.


Each person who boards The Q Party Shuttle holds us harmless from any injury, loss, damage or death which may occur as a result of using the services provided by The Q Party Shuttle. This also includes any Photo/Image which allows our Hosts to take photographs of people on the tour and use them in advertising or on the web.

Cancellation Policy:
There are No Refunds of any ticket in whole or in part. Once the ticket is purchased, you are responsible to attend the tour. If you are underage, fail to provide proof of age or are intoxicated you will receive no refund.

 Exception: If our service was not as you anticipated, we do apologize for the confusion and in lieu of a refund we will provide the ticket purchaser(s) transportation, of our choosing, to your next club/bar destination at no cost to you.

Exception:  Our party shuttle requires a minimum number of advance ticket purchases to operate. If this minimum is not met, that particular night of shuttle service may be cancelled  and in which case, and as your sole recourse, a full refund will automatically be posted to the original credit card used to pay for the ticket. The ticket purchaser will be informed within (1) day via e-mail of any cancellations.


Pickup Times and Locations:
Please arrive early at your pick up location! The buses run on a set schedule, so please be courteous to other patrons and have your group at your pick up location on time.

Our scheduled time of arrival is not approximate, but a best guess. Our best guess has factored in traffic, lights and needs of our customers. E-mail or tweet us if you would like our current location.

You only get one wristband for the evening, so if you lose the wristband and we do not remember you, you will have to purchase another pass. Sorry.

All participants MUST have valid identification with them at all times proving they are over 21. Without proper identification, the nightclubs will refuse admittance into their establishment. The Q Party Shuttle Tours is NOT responsible for denied entry to any venue because of improper identification.

Disruptive Behavior or Being Intoxicated:
The Q Party Shuttle is NOT responsible for denied entry into any venue due to disruptive behavior or being intoxicated. If anyone in your group gets sick in the bus, the organizer or the person will be fined a cleaning charge of $150.00 as that is our cost from the cleaning company.


For the safety of our passengers and yourself you will be denied entry aboard The Q Party Shuttle. Signs of intoxication include, but are not limited to: trouble walking, slurred speech, belligerence or stubbornness, and strong odor of alcohol on the breath among other common signs of alcohol intoxication. If you are deemed intoxicated we reserve the right to deny you entry without a refund.

No Line/No Cover:
The Q Party Shuttle Tours has arranged for you to bypass club lines. However, you still may have to wait at each club as the doormen get organized to accept our Large Groups. Average waiting time is 10 minutes (which beats the 1-2 hours you would wait otherwise). On Holiday weekends such as Halloween, NYE, PRIDE Weekend etc waiting maybe longer. The Q Party Shuttle Tours has also arranged to have your cover paid in advance with the clubs. All you will have to pay for is your drinks and tips in the clubs.

Boarding and re-boarding:
If you are having a great time at one particular venue, you are welcome to stay as long as you would like. However, if you’re not having a kick-ass time at the first club and still have your wristband, we encourage you to hop back on the Q Party Shuttle and check out another club. If you have an All-night wrist band present it to the proper person and enjoy. If you have a 2-Stop pass, you’ll get an X which means that is your last ride.

The Q Party Shuttle:
The Q Party Shuttle is on a set schedule for hotel pick-ups. We wish we could wait, but other partiers are relying on us to get them to their next club. Don’t worry we’ll be back in a few. We do reserve the right to change hotel pick up destination stops and transportation anytime throughout the night. Do not leave your belongings on the party bus! Any damage to the Party bus by you or your group will be assessed and charged accordingly.

Last Stop:
The Q Party Shuttle does not advocate drinking and driving. Most of our clients are visiting and a short cab ride will take them to their hotel, for a nominal fee the Q Party Shuttle can drop the group off at the hotel. If you would like us to arrange a designated driver service to assist you to your next destination please inform the Host on-board before you exit.

 What’s not included:
Reserved seating in a night club is available if you have made prior arrangements with The Q Party Shuttle hosts or the club directly. These premium seats are reserved for bottle service ($450 for every 4 people).