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    Frequently Asked Questions

We receive many questions and thought we’d address the most asked ones here:

Q. What is The Q Party Shuttle and what should I expect?

A. We’re Vegas’ only LGBT-focused party shuttle offering shuttle service between 3 of the hottest alternative nightclubs and venues in Las Vegas. Expect an amazing party on-board that keeps the thrill of Vegas club hopping exciting. On The Q Party Shuttle you’ll enjoy drinks, party favors and a host to answer any questions you have about the LGBT venues in Vegas.

When not club hopping on Friday and Saturday we’re available for charter service to any audience throughout Vegas.

Q. When did you start service?

A.  Conceptualized in early 2012 and after a few “soft openings” our first shuttle service began December 2012. 

Q. What are your prices?

A. $60 for an unlimited ride pass and $40 for a 2- Stop pass. Locals receive a discount on both options. Prices are subject to change.

Q. What stops do you pick up at and what times?

A. Between 10 and 11 p.m on Friday and Saturday our hotel pick ups are Wynn Resort, Bally’s Hotel and Excalibur Resort. We will arrive at The Fruit Loop around 11 p.m with drop offs & pick-ups at Charlie’s and SHARE shortly thereafter.

Q. Where at those places do you pick up specifically?

A. Hotel pick ups for the Wynn is at the south valet entrance,  pick ups for Bally’s is  tour bus pick up and pick up for Excalibur is south end tour bus pick up at the rotunda area. All pick ups and drops at the nightclubs will be nearest the front door as safely as possible. From time to time  and during special events The Q Party Shuttle may adjust the pick up and drop off location for hotels and nightclubs. The client will be fully informed if there is a change of location via our website.

Q. Who is The Q Party Shuttle owned by?

A. We’re run by a fully insured third party with an outstanding reputation that values our clients’ safety.

Q. Are reservations necessary?

A. Reservations are not necessary. We are set up to receive your payment as you board the shuttle. Pre-purchased tickets receive priority boarding.

Q. How many people can fit on the Shuttle?

A. About 20 can sit comfortably aboard the Shuttle.

Q. Is my seat guaranteed?

A. No. Priority is given to pre-purchased passes. All other seats are offered on a first come, first serve basis. It’s a party onboard that everyone wants to be a part of so please arrive early.

Q. What if The Shuttle is full when you arrive at my hotel pick up. What should I do?

A. We forecast how many clients we expect to pick up before we begin our service every night ensuring that you’ll be picked up at your hotel.

Q. How often do you run?

A. We will stop at each club at least 4 times throughout the night. It’s a 30 minute partying experience. The other option is to drive or cab it, but you’d never meet as many fun people.

Q. How can I find your current location?

A. Follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/QPartyShuttle, Facebook at www.Facebook.com/QPartyShuttle or e-mail us at info@qpartyshuttle.com .

Q. I have more questions that weren’t answered here who may I contact?

A. Contact us directly at info@qpartyshuttle.com. We will respond within 24 hours if contacting us via e-mail.